Q:  How long is the season?

A:  The Spring season runs from Opening Day, April 25th until the end of June (could be longer for depending on rain-outs).


Q:  What age is my child eligible to start playing Tee-Ball?

A:  If their birthday is on or before 8/31/2016 they are eligible to sign up for Tee-Ball.  There are no exceptions to this rule.


Q:  What dates and times are practices/games on?

A:  First, we will not have any schedule until AFTER registration has closed.  Practices are determined by the coach and field availability and can be any day of the week, Monday through Sunday.  We try to keep games (with the exception of Opening Day) on Monday through Friday evenings. Practices typically start at 6pm.  While school is in session we try to only play “late games” on Friday evening.  After school is out we typically have a 6pm game and a later game.


Q:  Am I guaranteed the coach of my choice or my child to play with a requested teammate?

A:  We do not guarantee your child will have the coach/teammate they requested, although we do try to accommodate all requests.


Q:  My child has never played Baseball/Softball before, what division should I choose?

A:  On the bottom of our website ( you will see “League Age Calculator”.  Use this to determine your child’s league age, then you can click on the + sign next to “Baseball Division by Age” or “Softball Division by Age” to find more details.


Q:  How is the league funded?

A:  The league is completely self-funded through our registration fees, concession income, various fundraisers (such as the raffle tickets), donations and sponsorships.  Hillsboro Little League receives no funding from local municipalities.


Q:  What does my registration pay for?

A:  There are many ways that registration fees are used.  Some examples are our National Little League Charter for each team, player insurance and property insurance, purchase of uniforms/hats, new playing equipment, field equipment, field maintenance, utility bills, umpire pay and office expenses.


Q:  Why am I required to give a concession deposit?

A:  Without the concession deposit, it would be impossible to secure a steady flow of volunteers to operate our stand.  The deposit is simply a way to ensure staffing for the concession stand during games.  If you absolutely cannot or do not want to work the concession stand HLL offers a “buyout” of $75.00.


Q:  When I pay my concession deposit how do I get it back?

A:  A parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or anyone 16 years or older that represents a registered player is required to work one shift in the concession stand.  After your shift has been completed you will receive your check back.  


Q:  What is the skills assessment?

A:  The skills assessment is used as a placement tool for our draft to ensure equality within the league.  It is not mandatory and it is not required to be placed on a team.  Team managers and coaches will observe the players throwing, catching and hitting to aid them in the draft to build their teams.  The player should bring a glove, helmet and bat.


Q:  Are we required to travel?

A:  Most divisions will be required to travel to other leagues in our district (i.e. Twin City, Desoto, R7 and Imperial). Their addresses can be found on our website under the label “Other Leagues”.





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